NAC Sound is the creation of Italian acoustic designer Francesco Pellisari. In 1997 he created the brand New Acoustic Concept (NAC Sound), a company dedicated to the manufacture of design-led speakers without compromising audio quality. NAC Sound handmade speakers are now sold worldwide but the company remains small and independent, always focused on providing the highest standard of speaker combined with industry-leading product design.

NEWS: Francesco will be participating in the Cambridge Open Studio event in July 2016.

For more than 15 years, NAC Sound has been at the cutting edge of acoustic design in Italy producing high quality sound from speakers created to complement the environment in which they are placed. NAC Sound speakers can be incorporated into contemporary homes, offices, hotels and restaurants. They are ideal for large-space installations or when a visible speaker is desirable for design integrity.
NAC Sound products were created to enhance the design of the space and become an integral part of the architecture. Each speaker is handmade with attention to every detail, and becomes a unique object embellishing the room with an exquisite piece of art.
Acoustic designer and NAC Sound founder, Francesco Pellisari, worked with the founder of modern speaker technology, Roy Allison, to make omni-directional sound the core of his speaker technology. Using his expertise, NAC Sound produced a patented sound system that saturates a room with both high-quality and natural sound. It banishes “sweetsspots” and reduces ceiling-to-floor and architectural boundary resonance issues. All of this results in a sound that is rich and life-like, and highly consistent throughout the space.
After decades of experience in the field of applied acoustics and design, NAC Sound offers an avant-garde technical consultancy with special regard for fundamental design and engineering. Every consulting project aims to open new perspectives, makes an acoustic breakthrough and delivers performance otherwise thought impossible.