NAC Sound - Patented Omnidirectional Sound Technology by Francesco Pellisari



The Acoustic Image

An acoustic image is produced when the brain senses an acoustic wave and other environmental information. The human brain calculates where all the sound is coming from and draws its own three-dimensional image to identify the sound, its direction and volume.

Speakers designed by Francesco are the result of comprehensive study not only of the measurements of acoustic waves but also the awareness of psychoacoustics, or rather how the sound is interpreted by the human brain.

NAC Sound Technology - Diagram of omnidirectional versus traditional directional sound technology.

Omnidirectional Sound Technology

The patented Omnidirectional technology allows the speakers to radiate sound spherically. This creates a stable sound emitted equally in all directions. With none of the usual positioning restrictions, the mechanical resonance is reduced — producing a rich, natural and consistent sound almost everywhere on the site of installation. For example, in a church, by suspending the speakers from the ceiling it is possible to tune them and resolve architectonic-related sound problems.

NAC Sound Technology - A computer generated sound image analysis

NAC Sound Technology - A computer aided sound wave diagram


The hand-crafted ceramic speakers are shaped and glazed by highly-skilled artisans and engineers in Italy. Ceramic material has excellent acoustic properties, producing an astoundingly natural and pure sound.

The specific ceramics used by Francesco are tailored for producing the finest sound quality and also for their high rigidity.

In some of our sound art projects, "glazed ceramic" from the world-famous Marta Gatti have been used to provide the artistic finish required.

NAC Sound Technology - A craftsman hand works the finish.