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Architects and designers play the most significant role in designing living and working space that combine anextraordinary aesthetic with outstanding audio performance. Having worked with some of the top names inarchitecture and design, the NAC Sound team is perfectly positioned to provide consulting services to enhance the acoustic performance of any residential or commercial space.

The NAC Sound Difference

How does NAC Sound's patented omni-directional technology minimize architectural boundaries? Well, for one example we can look at the dining area of the world famous art museum in Rome, the Palazzo delle Esposizioni. This is a large room with long glass walls and hard surfaces on the ceiling and floor. Many times the room is full with people talking together, at other times it is nearly empty. These are the architectural boundaries.

The Museum's Director, Mr Colonna, had installed four professional speakers in the ceiling facing the dining area. However, the sound was harsh and distorted with poor quality at a low volume level. The ever-changing number of people using the room added a high degree of variability to the situation creating a severe acoustical problem. After consulting Francesco Pellisari, the museum's dining room ceiling was fitted with a single Omni speaker suspended in the centre. NAC Sound's omni-directional technology delivered complete sound saturation in the large space. The Omni also reduced the resonance from the hard reflective surfaces, enhanced the low frequency sound reproduction and produced a natural sound.

Colonna is pleased with the new Omni speaker, It is incredible that a single speaker could outperform four conventional speakers. I'm delighted with the sound quality and sound saturation coming from this speaker and what's more it looks fantastic. Just the sort of sophisticated elegant design that a museum like ours should have on show.

Visually Impressive

NAC Sound products were created to enhance the design of the space and become an integral part of the architecture.Each speaker is hand made with attention to every detail, and becomes a unique object, embellishing the room with an exquisite piece of art.

Because space, colour and light play important roles in design, we offer a wide range of standard and special ordercolours and finishes ensuring harmony with the other furnishings. NAC Sound speakers provide a distinctive shape andtexture whether suspended from the ceiling or freestanding.

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