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“When I was faced with unique and peculiar acoustic problems in the San Lorenzo da Brindisi church in Rome, where two other acoustic consultancy companies had previously failed, I knew that Francesco could provide my clients with an effective, economic and aesthetic solution. In collaboration with the famous mosaicist Father Marko Ivan Rupnik, he also designed a new, special type of mosaic that solved the acoustic problems. Today we are using this type of mosaic in all of my churches."

Arch. Paolo Marciani, Studio Dettagli Architettura

We design to enhance the acoustic environment and we architect spaces with high quality sound whilst applying stringent aesthetic and cost considerations. NAC Sound founder and operating director, Francesco Pellisari, is one of the world leading acoustic designers and provides ingenious sound consulting solutions in spaces where acoustic challenges appear impossible to overcome.

The NAC Sound Difference

We regard acoustics as an integral part of the environment rather a stand-alone element. We work closely with the architects, engineers and designers to adopt the acoustic design to their objectives and vision.

Our designs are hailed as world-leading and innovative and our acoustic solutions are not limited to off-the-shelf solutions, existing material or designs. Every project that we undertake is tailor-made to our customer's needs and is followed directly and in person by our team.

We are a niche consultancy providing effective, economic and innovative solutions across the world.

Visually Impressive

NAC Sound design solutions are created to enhance both the acoustics as well as the design of the space and become an integral part of the architecture. Because space, colour and light play important roles in design, our professional advice takes into consideration all key elements and works across disciplines to provide a holistic solution.

NAC Sound Consulting - Chiesa di San Francesco da Brindisi

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