NAC Sound International Installations - Soundcloud - Moltitudini

A "sound cloud" at Antonello Colonna Open restaurant

Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome, Italy


This wonderful restaurant is positioned in what was, once, the roof top garden of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome. Filled with natural light, the large space above the dining tables gives a great feeling of openness. But how to deliver an acoustic experience to match the menu? This was our challenge. Glass and concrete are hard surfaces to work with and conventional speakers struggle to fill the void. Could we turn that space into the source of the sound?

The solution was to fill the space with a multitude of speakers, carefully arranged and matching the décor. Using his favourite multi-direction speaker, the Zemi, Francesco built a "sound cloud" floating in the ether. 140 hand-made ceramic speakers, all finished in platinum, were carefully placed to fill the void.

By interacting with the warm Italian sunlight, the speakers provide a glittering display, impossible to miss but never intrusive. Each speaker is like an orchestral instrument: its sound radiates out reflecting and enriching the body of the music just like a single chorister embodies a full choir. The sound then descends like a mist to bathe the audience. The volume control provides from a lightest vapour through to a thunderous downpour.

NAC Sound - Sound Cloud - Image 1

NAC Sound - Sound Cloud - Image 2