Acoustic consultancy for the auditorium of WonderLAD in Catania, Italy, with complete acoustic design of the interiors in collaboration with arch. Laura Montanini.

Acoustic consultancy for the Church of San Lorenzo da Brindisi in Rome with installation of omnidirectional speaker. Custom "acoustic" mosaic developed in collaboration with Father Marko Ivan Rupnik and architect Paolo Marciani to correct the microphone spikes.

Project for the new auditorium of the Guardia di Finanza in Rome, in collaboration with light designer Ingo Maurer. Acoustic analysis of the new main room, shaped like a violin.

Acoustic project for the Positec Group office in Suzhou, China: one omni-directional sound sculpture hanging over a water basin where sound waves are visibile.

Acoustic installation at the Antonello Colonna Open restaurant in Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome, in collaboration with Woody Allen. 136 Zemi sound sculptures in platinum finish with special phase control.

Orfeo: acoustic installation for the 29th edition of "Abitare il tempo" (Living the time) at Fiera di Verona, in collaboration with architect firm Palomba Serafini and artist Elizabeth Frolet. Sound sculptures in terracotta hanging over a water surface to show omnidirectional sound waves.

Installation at Nora P. art gallery in Rome: golden sound sculpture

Installation at Nora P. art gallery in Rome: "like rain drops", omni-directional sound sculputer with custom finish recalling the japanese kintsugi art.

Acoustic consultancy fot eh Radison Hotel in Rome.

Daemon: theatrical production for Kreon company during the Salone del Mobile 2005 in Milan, in collaboration with Emiliano Pellisari

Opening of NAC Sound new offices in Rome.

Watercolor painting sketch by Canadian architect Mark Bodwich for an unrealized acoustic project.

Acoustic installation at the theater of Schio (Vicenza) using platinum-finished Zemi's.

Photo shooting by Andrea Cassinis for Baxter in Rome.

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