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Francesco Pellisari


About Francesco

Francesco is an artist with a passion for technology who, for the last twenty years, has conceived sound and form in radically new, artistic and innovative ways.

Throughout his career, Francesco worked with great artists such as Ron Arad and Ingo Maurer. His mentor was music researcher Roy Allison, one of the leading acousticians of the 20th century.

Francesco’s technology is patented and several attempts to imitate it have failed over the years.

Francesco is an artist and, alongside his loudspeaker designer career, he has developed his very own idea of sound sculpture, leading to the creation of unique pieces of sound art.

Francesco is a visionary luthier who conceives his unique creations as if they were musical instruments. With Francesco art meets science, and technology, shape, material, craftsmanship all come together to create unforgettable emotions.

The shape of his objects is timeless: cones, spheres, wheels. The materials are the ones used by mankind for millennia, ceramic, wood, metal, artfully assembled to create the perfect combination between shape and function. The sound is omnidirectional, with the sound source that is perfectly natural, as if the performer was in front of the listener in a space which becomes the logical expression of the music: the sculpture. An audio sculpture for Francesco is an omnidirectional experience that involves all the senses. Speaker and environment become one, and one could not exist without the other.

Early Years

Francesco Pellisari is the twin son of a member of the Italian avant-garde literary movement known as Gruppo 63. Growing up in this creative environment, free from convention, surrounded by great art, Francesco and his brother Emiliano were raised with sculptors, poets and philosophers as primary influencers. In early adulthood, Emiliano turned his attention toward theater arts, while Francesco focused on robotics and began developing his technical and scientific acumen.

Francesco later began to deeply explore the acoustic concepts of Roy Allison, and sought the guidance of the renowned speaker engineer to master loudspeaker design and application. Under Allison’s mentorship, Francesco began applying his own acoustic innovations to unique loudspeaker designs. The combination of his artistic sensibility and acoustic expertise took the form of handcrafted, beautifully-shaped, ceramic loudspeakers.


In 1997 Francesco established New Acoustic Concept (NACSound), a company dedicated to audio consulting and the manufacture of designer speakers without compromising audio quality. Francesco's aesthetically-pleasing omnidirectional designer speakers are now sold worldwide and are widely popular among music aficionados, artists and artisans.

After decades of experience in the field of applied acoustics and design, Francesco Pellisari offers an avant-garde technical consultancy with special regard for fundamental design and engineering. Every consulting project aims to open new perspectives, makes an acoustic breakthrough and delivers performance otherwise thought impossible.

His sound sculptures and acoustic art installations can now be found on the website of Francesco Pellisari Studio.

Francesco Pellisari

NAC Sound Founder Francesco Pellisari